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The Qatar Olympic Academy announced the opening of registration for the thirteenth edition of the Advanced Management Diploma for Sports and Olympic Institutions, which is offered annually by the Academy in partnership with the International Olympic Committee.

The program was introduced for the first time in the State of Qatar in 2008, when it was launched by the Qatar Olympic Committee, represented by the Qatar Olympic Academy, after it was selected by the International Olympic Committee, to be among the first twenty Olympic committees in the world and the first Gulf and Arab Olympic Committee to implement this program, where the number of students so far exceeded more than five hundred students from inside and outside the country.


The diploma studying system extends over seven semesters within seven months, at a rate of three days per month, after which the students will receive the diploma certificate issued by the International Olympic Committee, with the signature of Mr. Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, as well as the signature of His Excellency Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani, President of the Qatar Olympic Committee, in addition to the certificate of completion of each semester separately, which will bear the title of each semester.

Those enrolled in the diploma are subject to several conditions, the most prominent of which is that the student must have obtained a bachelor's degree in any discipline, or that he has passed the two courses of the principles of the Olympic movement in the sports system (Management 1), as well as the modern management course for sports and Olympic institutions (management 2), which are evaluated by the Qatar Olympic Academy every year repeatedly and at more than one time during the calendar of one year, in order to provide the opportunity for the largest number of those wishing to enroll in the program, which witnesses A great turnout every year.  

Those enrolled in the diploma program receive many sciences that serve them in the field of their sports, administrative and technical life, as the chapter titles vary to include most aspects, such as the structure of Olympic sports institutions, strategic planning for sports institutions, management of major events in sports institutions, and other sciences covered by the diploma, which were quoted from the book of management of Olympic sports organizations submitted by the International Olympic Committee, which was translated into Arabic by the Qatar Olympic Committee.  

المدير التنفيذي


Mr. Khalil Ibrahim Al-Jaber, Executive Director of the Qatar Olympic Academy, said: "We are proud to launch the thirteenth edition of the Advanced Management Diploma Program for Sports and Olympic Institutions, which is considered one of the most important programs of the Qatar Olympic Academy and one of the main pillars of the Academy's calendar every year. Al-Jaber stressed that the arrival of the Academy to present the thirteenth edition is evidence of the success of the program and the strength of its academic content in addition to its great importance to learners, which reflects positively on practical learners, whether they work in the administrative or technical aspect.

The Executive Director added: The diploma and the courses qualified for it are among the most important programs that workers in the sports field must be keen to attend, because of the topics raised by these programs of importance in their field of work, as the topics and titles that are discussed are taken from the book of Olympic organizations issued by the International Olympic Committee, which is the sponsor of this diploma, and through this information the student can recrystallize his career by developing his plans and programs and knowing what is important and what is most important. ​

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