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The Qatar Olympic Academy held two Olympic Culture events as part of the activities of the National Sports Day, where it held last Sunday a workshop for Olympic education at Al Wakra Primary School for Girls, while the second event last Monday was an Olympic education seminar using the distance learning system via the Zoom program.

These activities serves the keenness of the Qatar Olympic Academy to spread the Olympic culture among the communities, and the belief of the Academy to promote sports and Olympic values, as the Academy plays a key role in spreading awareness, values and Olympic and sports goals among communities.

Olympic Education Seminar:

Last Monday, the Qatar Olympic Academy presented a symposium on Olympic education on the sidelines of the various state activities on the National Sports Day, this seminar that the Academy holds periodically within the annual agenda, in the belief of the Academy on the importance of this type of science for society in general.

The seminar was presented by Dr. Ali Al-Bakri, Director of the Advanced Diploma Program in Management of Sports and Olympic Institutions accredited by the International Olympic Committee.

The workshop dealt with several topics and axes, the most important of which are the Olympic values related to the Olympic Games, which Pierre de Coubertin stressed, as he aimed not only at excellence in performance, but also to advance ideas, educational values and human ethics, while emphasizing the importance of equality and respect for others, these values extend over almost 3000 years of the history of the Olympic Games.

Additionally, it entailed subjects about the importance of social responsibility, which comes at the heart of the work of the International Olympic Committee and which has been codified in the basic principles of the Olympic Charter.

All activities in Olympic education programs are based on the three basic principles that can be found in the Olympic Charter and the basic principles of the Olympics: the Olympics is a philosophy of life and the aim of the Olympic Games is to put sport at the service of the harmonious development of humanity, with the aim of promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity. In addition, the practice of sport is a human right. Everyone must have the possibility to practice sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit.

Olympic Education Workshop:

On the other hand, Qatar Olympic Academy presented last Sunday a workshop for Olympic education entitled "The Qatari Experience and Promoting the Dissemination of Olympic Culture" at Al Wakra Primary School for Girls, on the sidelines of the activities held by the school for female students on the National Sports Day.

The workshop was presented by Ms. Hasna Ali Abu Haqab, where the workshop began by talking about the establishment of the Qatar Olympic Committee in 1979, the stages of development experienced by the Qatar Olympic Committee, as well as the establishment of sports federations and their achievements.

Then discussed about the National Sports Day, its objectives and the benefits that have been achieved from the establishment of the Sports Day during the past eleven years.

Then briefed the students about the origins of the Olympic Games three thousand years BC and the purpose of holding them during that period and what Baron Pierre de Coubertin provided to revive the Olympic Games again and the goals, values, Olympic symbols, emblem and Olympic flag.

Many activities, applications and competitions were also held for students with the aim of applying the Olympic values, where a question competition was held to reach the Olympic values (fair play, striving for excellence, balance between mind and body, fun in making effort).

After that, a practical activity was held to apply the Olympic values (respect for self and others, happiness in exerting effort, striving for excellence, balance between mind and body, fair play).


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