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Diversity in programs, courses, and workshops in many sports and Olympic fields 


The Qatar Olympic Academy announced the launch of its calendar of courses and programs for the new year 2022, which will include twenty-one programs, workshops, and a variety of courses approved by many international and continental bodies, foremost of which is Olympic Solidarity at the International Olympic Committee, in addition to the two master's programs in sports law and the advanced diploma for the management of Olympic sports institutions.

The Academy's programs will entail graduate programs, Olympic education workshops, sports training and sports management programs, preparation of a sports psychologist, security of sports facilities, and anti-doping, in addition to various courses in many sports and Olympic fields.


A comprehensive assortment of the agenda:

Each year, the Qatar Olympic Academy is keen on diversifying its agenda through the offered programs, courses and workshops to reach the largest segment of interested people and to achieve its goals, which are to spread the sports and Olympic culture among family members and society in the State of Qatar and abroad.

The agenda included the Master's Program in Sports Law, which is being held by the Academy for the fifth year in a row, which is one of the most robust programs in the region in general, in addition to the eleventh edition of the Advanced Diploma for the Management of Olympic Sports Institutions accredited by the International Olympic Committee, as well as several Olympic education workshops. As for the various courses, it included many fields, the most important of which are media, law, administration, planning and security management of sports facilities, psychology and anti-doping, and other sports and Olympic fields.


Adopting the distance education system in many agenda programs:

In light of the challenges posed by the Corona pandemic, the Qatar Olympic Academy had turned to distance education, which achieved great success and remarkable turnout. From this point of view, the Academy decided to place a number of its courses in the new year in the distance education system to provide the opportunity for those wishing to study Enrollment in its classes and those unable to come to the headquarters of the Academy.


Special programs for physical education teachers:

Within the framework of cooperation between state institutions to achieve common goals, the Qatar Olympic Academy last year, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education represented by the Training and Development Center, organized a number of programs and workshops specifically for physical education teachers, within the development plan of the professional licensing program, to promote And developing their sports and Olympic skills and culture, where programs are presented in several areas, the most important of which are methods of teaching physical education for the early education stage, methods of integrating people with special needs and learning strategies in physical education lessons, as well as professional ethics in the school sports field, in addition to their participation in programs for preparing psychologists.

This year, work is underway to continue this program, greatly benefiting the educational and sports system.


Postgraduate programs:

The Qatar Olympic Academy organizes many international programs in cooperation with several global and regional bodies, including the master's program in sports law and the advanced diploma for the management of Olympic sports institutions. 


Advanced Management Diploma for Sports and Olympic Institutions:

The advanced diploma program for sports and Olympic institutions comes with cooperation and accreditation from the International Olympic Committee. It was first seen in the State of Qatar in 2008 when it was launched by the Qatar Olympic Committee represented by the Qatar Olympic Academy after it was selected by the International Olympic Committee to be among the first twenty A national Olympic committee in the world and the first Gulf and Arab Olympic committee to implement this program, as the number of students has exceeded so far to more than four hundred male and female students from inside and outside the country.

The diploma program has witnessed a remarkable turnout in recent years, as many students from inside and outside Qatar enrolled in this program.

Those enrolled in the Sports Management Diploma program receive many sciences that serve them in the field of their sports and administrative life, such as structuring Olympic sports institutions, strategic planning for sports institutions, managing significant events in sports institutions and other sciences covered by the diploma, from the Olympic Sports Organizations Management book submitted by the International Olympic Committee Which the Qatar Olympic Committee translated into Arabic.


The Arab Trainers Program (Advanced Level):

The Arab Trainers Program (Advanced Level) is the third edition this year offered by the Qatar Olympic Academy in cooperation with the International Olympic Committee and Qatar University, after the trial version that was held several years ago, as well as the first and second, approved versions of the past two years.

The Arab trainer's program targets trainers who are working in sports federations and clubs, locally and in the Arab world, who have passed the program at its foundational level.

This program aims to apply training methods for various skills in specialized sports, plan training programs in specialized sports, and evaluate training programs in specialized sports.


Diverse course programs:

The courses offered by the Qatar Olympic Academy varied this year according to the needs of the sports community. Each year, the Academy conducts a questionnaire for students, institutions, ministries, and partners to know the needs of the street in general and objectively to meet the needs of the local market and sports institutions of diverse courses in a realistic and renewed manner. The calendar this year will be full of various courses, the most important of which are:


Management and organization of the Asian Games:

Learners are acquainted with an overview of the history of the Asian Games and the mechanism for nominating cities to request hosting, and learn about the organizational structure in the Asian Games, in addition to the working methods of the human resources and financial management departments in the Asian Games, as well as to marketing for the Asian Games and property rights.

A course in fitness and nutrition:

This course witnessed a great turnout when it was put on this year's calendar due to its great importance to the sports street, especially with the increase in awareness of the importance of sports, where learners receive many skills. The course deals with many topics, foremost of which is the concept of physical fitness and its modern elements, methods of developing elements of contemporary fitness, Nutrients and the importance of each type in building muscle and sports movement, nutritional supplements and muscle building for the athlete, in addition to the bad diet and its adverse effects on physical and health.

The Public Relations and Sports Marketing Department of the Asian Sessions:

This course is held over a period of four days; learners are introduced to the concept of marketing in the Asian Games, managing the quality-of-service offerings provided in the Asian Games, funding sources and how to manage them in the Asian Games, as well as developing and increasing the number of sponsors in the Asian Games, in addition to the importance of having a communication strategy. And marketing for the sustainability of the Asian Games.

Sports course for people with special needs

This course provides an overview of the beginning and concept of the Paralympic Games, the Belgian experience in preparing national teams for people with disabilities, activities, events and programs for people with special needs, sources of funding and support for people with special needs, in addition to how to promote and develop sports for people with special needs.

Crisis management in the Asian Games:

This course talks about the concept of crisis and risk management in sports tournaments, recent trends in crisis and risk management in sports tournaments, the most significant obstacles that sports tournaments, identifying levels of crises and risks in sports tournaments, studying new programs in crisis and risk management in sports tournaments, how to find solutions to crises and threats in sports tournaments, and how to protect sports tournaments before, during and after crises and risks.

An introductory course in sports law

The course targets workers in sports institutions and practicing lawyers in Qatar. In addition to the affiliates of the Legal Affairs Office of the Qatar Olympic Committee, the course deals with many topics such as the CAS Law, Ethical Principles and Rights in Sports, FIFA Laws, in addition to intellectual property and sponsorship.

A course in sports marketing:

The course provides an overview of the concept of sports marketing, management of the quality of service offerings, the development and development of a marketing plan for outreach, management of sponsorship and sponsorship opportunities, and the development and management of a marketing strategy.

Media interviews and effective communication (for athletes)

This course is considered one of the main courses on the agenda of each year, which discusses many essential topics, foremost of which are the necessary skills to deal with the media, types of interviews in the media, types of questions in different media interviews, the nature of sports criticism (constructive criticism - press criticism), comment The athlete, tips and general rules for a successful media appearance

Anti-doping cycle in the Asian Games

This course introduces the concept of steroids and their role in physical muscular building, types of steroids and their division, the mechanism of analysis and extracting samples from athletes, ways to combat the use of athletic and psychological steroids in the sports field, awareness programs on the harms and results of long-term use of steroids, anti-doping financing programs in the sports field.

The course of managing and organizing community sporting events:

It is considered one of the most important courses in the current period because it touches the requirements of the public. These courses are presented by several Qatari administrative personalities with competence and field experience, who have witnessed many of the most powerful tournaments organized by the State of Qatar.

Two modern management courses for Olympic sports institutions (first and second level)

These two courses are considered the natural sequence for any player or interested in entering the world of sports management to pass the two levels to obtain the two international certificates approved by the International Olympic Committee, which qualifies the holder of the second level certificate for admission to the Advanced Management Diploma Program for Sports and Olympic Institutions, where each course is organized over five days. It concludes with a level test to obtain the international certificate approved by the International Olympic Committee. These two courses deal with the foundational and introductory aspects of administrative work and the Olympic movement. It is also a significant requirement for admission to the Advanced Diploma Program, which is held over seven consecutive months (3 study days of each month)


Olympic Community Education Workshops:

These workshops are held for one day only. They are repeated throughout the year continuously in the Qatar Olympic Academy building or external buildings to spread the Olympic culture in the Qatari society by identifying the origin of the Olympic movement, the concept of the Olympic Charter, its composition and the basic principles of the Olympics, the Olympic values, principles and symbols And understanding the role of Olympic values and principles in promoting the sports movement and creating a suitable environment for sports competition and achieving sports achievement and other related axes.


Al-Nuaimi: Diversity is a crucial feature on the agenda:

Mr. Saif Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Executive Director of the Qatar Olympic Academy, said: We are keen every year to diversify the agenda to contain many programs that focus on the benefit of the sports community and those interested in the field of rehabilitation and sports sciences in its various areas, in addition to the Academy's interest and focus on educating the community about Olympic values and culture Sports, which is one of the most important goals of the Academy.

Al-Nuaimi also confirmed by saying: The Academy has emerged from the Corona pandemic with a number of gains, the most important of which is the establishment of programs and courses in the distance learning system, so a number of courses and workshops have been included in the Academy's agenda this year in the distance learning system through the Microsoft Teams program, and these come The addition after the great success that the Academy achieved through the distance learning system in the last period during the country's confrontation with the Corona pandemic (Covid 19) and the application of health precautions and social distancing in all official headquarters in the country, including educational institutions, we were able to reach a large segment of those wishing In acquiring sciences, both from inside and outside the State of Qatar, and consequently, one of the most important goals of the Academy, which is the dissemination of sports and Olympic culture among societies, was achieved.

The Executive Director of the Qatar Olympic Academy also thanked the Qatar Olympic Committee, which is the prominent supporter of all the activities of the Academy, and also thanked all the Academy's partners from ministries, universities, institutions, international, continental and local federations and other partners in the programs, stressing the openness of the Qatar Olympic Academy to all institutions in The state to serve the community.


Al Bakri: Unique Programs in the Region

For his part, Dr. Ali Abdul Rahman Al-Bakri, Head of the Sports Development Department - Director of the Sports Management Program accredited to the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, stressed that the Academy always seeks to provide distinguished programs and sciences that benefit the sports system in particular and the society as a whole, as well as qualifying individuals from Those working in the sports field are academically and professionally qualified, as well as educating and spreading awareness among workers outside the sports field to benefit their institutions and societies through the programs offered annually by the Qatar Olympic Academy.

Al Bakri said: By God's grace, the Advanced Management Diploma for Sports and Olympic Institutions program continues for the eleventh year, which in previous editions witnessed the graduation of many sports leaders in the region. This program and indicates the importance of the program in the sports community.


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