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The course was lectured by a group of experts organizing Asian championships, management staff of the Qatar Olympic Committee and sports federations as well as Qatar University. 

This course is part of a series of courses specialized in several fields in the organization of Asian games, which the Academy has placed on its agenda this year, where the series will be completed later by establishing a public relations and sports marketing course in Asian tournaments, and then a crisis management course at the Asian Games. 

The first day's events were presented by Mr. Louis Lewis, an expert on the Qatar Olympic Committee, who spoke about the history, origin, development and relationship of the Asian Games, as well as the mechanism of candidacy for the Asian Games, the way the file is prepared and the conditions to be provided in the application file.

The second day of the Asian Games management and organization session was entitled "Organizational Structure in the Asian Games", where 

his lectures were presented by Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Shayeb, Executive Director of the Qatar Swimming Federation, who touched on the organizational structures of the organizing committees of the Asian Games and the tasks and duties of each department, Mr. Al Shayeb participated in the presentation of lectures by a group of experts organizing tournaments at the Qatar Swimming Federation, which flew 

Each of them has a specific axis in his specialty, and the experts are Dr. Ziad Abbas, technical performance expert, Mr. Mohsen Al-Qalibi, technical expert, Dr. Haitham Imam, technical operations expert, and Mr. Willy D.B. Musharraf in the committees organizing swimming championships

The third day was devoted to the "Human Resources Management at the Asian Games" hub, in which Mr. Mohammed Bin Hamida, an expert at the Qatar Olympic Committee, spoke about the importance of managing human resources, building organizational structures for departments in human resources, managing volunteers, building teams and other related topics. 

On the fourth day of the course, dr. Osman Mohammed Al-Dhawadi, Associate Professor of Marketing at Qatar University's School of Management and Economics, presented her lectures entitled "Marketing in Asian Games", where he talked about many topics related to marketing, partners and stakeholders and that target market internally and externally. 

The last day of the session was entitled "Financial Management in the Asian Games" and presented by Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Mir, Head of Financial Supervision at the Qatar Olympic Committee, who provided an integrated explanation of the construction of Asian championship budgets from the moment the application file was built to the financial closures after the end of this major sporting event.  





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