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The lectures of the first semester of the thirteenth edition of the Advanced Management Diploma Program for Sports and Olympic Institutions were launched at the headquarters of the Qatar Olympic Academy, which comes in partnership with the International Olympic Committee for the thirteenth consecutive year, in the presence of nearly 20 students from various disciplines and experiences.


Program Duration

The diploma program consists of seven semesters distributed during the period from mid-January until the end of September, where learners join the program in attendance at the Academy's headquarters three days each month.

It is worth mentioning that at the end of the program, after passing the tests of all semesters, and submitting the graduation project, students will receive a diploma issued by the International Olympic Committee, with the signature of Mr. Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, as well as the signature of His Excellency Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani, President of the Qatar Olympic Committee, in addition to a certificate of completion of each semester separately, which will state the title of each semester.


Admission Requirements:

Those enrolled in the diploma were subject to several conditions, most notably that the student must have obtained a bachelor's degree in any discipline, or that the student has passed the two courses of the principles of the Olympic movement in the sports system (management 1), and the modern management course for sports institutions (management 2), which is evaluated by the Qatar Olympic Academy every year periodically with the approval of the International Olympic Committee so that the student is qualified and prepared to engage in the diploma program.

It is worth noting that the Academy will hold the management course 1 twice this year, the first will be held on the twenty-ninth of this month, and the second time on the tenth of next September, while the management course 2 will be held on the eighth of next October, allowing those wishing to enroll in the diploma program for the next version to join these two courses to meet all conditions.

Chapter One:

"Organizational Structures of Sports and Olympic Institutions" was the title of the first semester of the Advanced Diploma in Management of Sports and Olympic Institutions, which was presented by Dr. Ali Al-Bakri, Director of the Diploma Program, and Dr. George Jabbour, Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Education, College of Education, Qatar University.

In the first chapter, the lecturers touched on the topic of structuring Olympic committees, which included many topics with the aim of understanding the impact of environmental conditions on organizations, evaluating the organizational structure and the roles of individuals within them, as well as evaluating organizational authority (leadership), in addition to ways to use information technology in this field, and managing organizational change effectively, and students also received an overview of the emergence of the Olympic Movement and the International Olympic Committee, as well as assumptions in work behavior and ideas related to the organization, such as appreciating volunteer work and believing in the importance of  the lecturer explained how to study the areas of practical environments that the IOC focuses on and established departments or committees for it, and presented them with a copy of the organizational structure of the IOC, then moved on to talk about the Olympic Charter, the roles and independence of National Olympic Committees, joint Olympic hosting between countries, and the relationship of the IOC with other institutions such as National Olympic Committees, continental federations, and national Olympic and non-Olympic federations.


Chapter Two:

The second semester of the program will be held during the period from the twenty-first to the twenty-third of next February, and the second semester of the diploma program will talk about (strategic planning), in which students will learn about ways to prepare for the strategic process, how to diagnose the environment of the Olympic sports institution, in addition to identifying the vision, values, tasks and strategic goals, and how to develop action plans, as well as monitoring and evaluation.


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