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Qatar Olympic Academy has concluded the course of the electronic program for managing sports events in cooperation with the Human Resources Department of the Qatar Olympic Committee, which comes within the Kawader program held by the Qatar Olympic Committee with the aim of developing and training the employees of the Olympic Committee in all its departments and different specialties on managing and organizing sports events and tournaments.

The two-day lectures were presented by the technical expert in the Department of Sports Affairs, Mr. Mohammed bin Hamida, as well as Ms. Maryam Al-Ansari, Information Systems Specialist in the Department of Information Systems. Twenty-one employees from various QOC departments participated in the course, which lasted on February 7 and 8.

First day:

The lectures of the first day were presented by the technical expert in the Department of Sports Affairs, Mr. Mohammed bin Hamida, who spoke about the most important stages of managing the sports event "before, during and after the sports event". He then talked about the organizational structure of the organizing committee, the working departments and committees, their divisions, administrative formations and their tasks before, during and after the sporting event.

Day Two:

The lectures of the second day were divided into two parts, where in the first section, Mr. Mohammed bin Hamida cited a model from the ground, which is the file of the State of Qatar to host the 2030 Asian Games, this third file, which won the confidence of the Olympic Council of Asia and the entire continent of Asia in the ability of the State of Qatar to organize an ideal and successful tournament, as the State of Qatar returned in every tournament and event assigned to it. The students shared the championship file in all its administrative, technical, financial and logistical details. Then the students moved to the second section, which was presented by Ms. Maryam Al-Ansari, Information Systems Specialist in Information Systems Department, who reviewed the details of the sports program "QOC_EMS" and how to deal with the program and its sections such as workforce management, volunteer management, human resources management, uniforms and allowances, security system and permits, as well as guest management system and logistics management.

Olympic Values Seminar:

On the other hand, the Qatar Olympic Academy will present tomorrow, Monday, an Olympic education seminar on the sidelines of the National Sports Day, this session that the Academy holds periodically within the annual agenda, in the belief of the Academy on the importance of this type of science for society in general. The first lecture in this symposium will be presented by Dr. Ali Al-Bakri, Director of the Advanced Diploma Program in Sports and Olympic Institutions Management accredited by the International Olympic Committee. The workshop deals with several topics and axes, the most important of which are the Olympic values related to the Olympic Games, which Pierre de Coubertin stressed, as he aimed not only at excellence in performance, but also to advance ideas, educational values and human ethics, while emphasizing the importance of equality and respect for others, these values extend over almost 3000 years of the history of the Olympic Games.

Additionally, the course entailed discussions about the importance of social responsibility, which comes at the heart of the work of the International Olympic Committee, and which has been codified in the basic principles of the Olympic Charter. All activities in Olympic education programs are based on the three basic principles that can be found in the Olympic Charter and the basic principles of the Olympics: the Olympics is a philosophy of life, and the aim of the Olympic Games is to put sport at the service of the harmonious development of humanity, with the aim of promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity. In addition, the practice of sport is a human right. Everyone must have the possibility to practice sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit.

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